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Flow screed is paving the way for the future and is the most cost effective solution to any application.

Flow Screed Norfolk

Flow Screed Norfolk

Flowing screed is the next generation in floor screeding delivering some very tangible benefits. Flow screed is based on a by product of Gypsum as opposed to cement used by traditional methods.

The benefits start with the ease of getting the screed into the application area. As it is pumped in a free flowing consistency, there is very little labour required. The pumps are capable of delivering the screed to the top of tall buildings which reduces the time to deliver, and labour required. The next benefit is that it is virtually self compacting and requires very little labour to lay any size area. A comparison can be made in terms of a reduction of labour by as much as a factor of 5.

Flow screed norfolk

The flow screed is precisely laser leveled giving a better tolerance level than readily achievable with conventional screed

The next set of benefits arise from the product itself. Due to its inherent strength and lack of voids after laying 35mm of flowing screed can be used in place of 75 mm of conventional material.

Shrinkage and curling are dramatically reduced and as larger areas can be completed in considerably less time with less man power larger floors can be completed in one hit removing the need for day joints.

Benefits of Flow Screed

  • Less Labour Intensive
  • Quicker to lay
  • Quicker drying time
  • 80% recyclable
  • Easier to level
  • Easier delivery from site to floor
  • less depth of screed required,
  • Reduced shrinkage

If you would like details of specific flow screed norfolk projects, please contact Manley & Pitcher.

In summary, flow screed is an innovation in floor screeding and should be your choice on almost all projects. If you would like further information about floor screed or a price, please don't hesitate to contact Manley & Pitcher.

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